Who We Serve

Transforming Mission-Critical Operations

We proudly serve healthcare with the knowledge, processes and technology to improve the reliability of the medical equipment supply chain and achieve better financial and operational outcomes.

Healthcare Providers

PartsSource is a trusted partner for evidence-based solutions that ensure quality and enable better clinical and operational outcomes: cost savings, data visibility, maximized equipment uptime, controlled maintenance costs and increased efficiency

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OEMs and Suppliers

As a digital customer engagement partner, PartsSource helps your brand to efficiently reach and retain customers and increase sales through a proprietary, digital customer engagement platform that enables data-driven decisions

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Service Providers

Through a trusted network and procurement expertise, PartsSource delivers ISOs the reliability they need so that they can focus on what they do best – delivering positive customer experiences

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Remi provides a cost-effective equipment maintenance program. We consolidate everything under one agreement, providing one point of contact for all maintenance needs.



Supports state and federal government agencies

Higher Education

Manages equipment portfolios for colleges and universities

Commercial Markets

Helps businesses operate more efficiently

Connecting Providers and Suppliers

Our evidence-based, technology-enabled model is proven to improve quality, productivity and financial outcomes

PartsSource HTM Advisory Services

About Our Services

Consulting services focused on supporting our customers goals and initiatives, while helping to identify opportunities for improved productivity, quality, and value from equipment service.

Decrease Labor Demand on Lower Value Activities

• AEM Program
• Alternative Strategies
• Utilize Depot Repair Services
• Sourcing and Purchasing

Increased Labor Capacity Focused on High Value Activities

• Alternative Sourcing Strategies
• In-sourcing Service
• Support Strategic Initiatives:
• Cybersecurity
• Device Integration
• Project Management
• Capital Planning


• Improved Customer Service
• Increased Quality
• Increased Productivity
• Increased Equipment Availability
• Cost Savings
• Alignment with Organizational Goals
• Deter Outsourcing of in-house HTM teams

Ensuring Healthcare is Always On

We connect providers with mission-critical supplies and services through the leading healthcare marketplace and software platform for equipment service

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We’re helping raise the quality, availability and affordability of patient care