Minor Equipment

Trust PartsSource for instant access to quality minor equipment at budget-friendly prices.

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Instant Access with a Single Platform

When mobile medical equipment is misplaced or damaged, healthcare providers need a reliable solution to access replacement medical devices quickly and cost effectively for patient care

ISO:9001 certification drives PartsSource’s quality foundation, establishing credible, reliable and reproducible quality outcomes.

ISO:13485 certification specifies requirements for a quality management system for medical devices and related services, further enhancing our quality commitment.


Reduce Spend Across the Fleet

Budget-friendly prices help save up to 50% compared to traditional sources

Shop with Confidence

The most in-demand options from trusted brands backed by warranty coverage

Track Spend and Uncover Savings

Comprehensive data reporting with Visual Analytics makes tracking and managing minor equipment spend simple

Transforming Mission-Critical Operations

Equipment Options Available

The most in-demand, high-quality choices

Months Warranty Coverage

Ensures quality in Minor Equipment purchases

Cost Savings

Reduce spend with budget-friendly prices

Replace Minor Equipment Quickly and Cost Effectively

Order equipment from PartsSource quickly and easily. Our portfolio includes infusion pumps, telemetry transmitters, patient monitors and many other high-quality devices.

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  • Protect time and budget

    Order equipment quickly

  • Gain peace of mind

    Shop with confidence knowing your devices will have warranty coverage for up to 12 months

Customer Success

Over 800 hospitals rely on PartsSource for their Minor Equipment needs

Christopher Cumberbatch Director of Clinical Engineering

“The turnaround time to get the minor equipment quickly was expedited compared to what I had experienced using other vendors. Now, PartsSource is my first go-to when I need to purchase non-repairable replacement equipment. We couldn’t ask for a better solution.”

Ensuring Healthcare is Always On

We connect providers with mission-critical supplies and services through the leading healthcare marketplace and software platform

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Raise the quality, availability and affordability of patient care

We’re helping raise the quality, availability, and affordability of patient care