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Trust PartsSource as their single source supply chain

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Service Provider Enterprise Solution

Service Provider Enterprise Solution

Gain reliability through our trusted network and procurement expertise to focus on delivering positive customer experiences

ISO 9001:2015 certification drives PartsSource’s quality foundation, establishing credible, reliable and reproducible quality outcomes.

ISO 13485:2016 certification specifies requirements for a quality management system for medical devices and related services, further enhancing our quality commitment.


Enhance Technology Capabilities

Digital Transformation

Streamline and digitize operations, while improving customer and field staff experience

Increase Supply Chain Reliability

Increase Supply Chain Reliability

Improve reliability and reduce risks with our dedicated team and proven approach to active quality management

Maximize Growth

Channel for Growth

Leverage an established channel to promote on-demand services, training, and technical support

How We Help Service Providers Transform and Grow

Join us as a strategic partner in the fastest-growing service network in the industry. We create business development opportunities around key modalities, including access to the PartsSource PRO client base of 1,500+ hospitals.

Channel for Growth

Improve quality, speed, and productivity

  • Enterprise procure-to-pay platform
  • Curated and managed marketplace
  • Measurable impact

Improve supply chain reliability and client experience

  • ISO:9001 & ISO:13485-based Quality Management System
  • 3 billion data elements, 20-year longitudinal data warehouse
  • Patented decision support technology

To focus on client-facing relationship development

  • Each resource working at the top of their license
  • 24/7 dedicated rapid response team
  • Command Center surveillance of every clinical request
Technology Tools

Ensure access to data and tools for continuous improvement

  • Product & Service Comparison Data and Formularies
  • Approval Workflow and Real-time Notifications Engine
  • Visual Analytics

Continually improve offering competitiveness

  • Identical input costs across every user and geography
  • Ongoing reduced cost as PartsSource volumes grow
  • Immediate impact with ongoing value adds


Workflow Savings

Digital process improvements consolidate search-to-pay vendor activity, yielding over an hour per day

70 Minutes saved per day per buying event

Cost Reduction

Savings grow as new members join and our decision support technology identifies new cost reduction opportunities

9%+ Annual cost reduction

Quality Improvements

Improve supply chain quality by 6x, reducing quality driven returns and improving asset availability by 40 days per 1000 orders

6x Lower return rates
Interested in joining our service network?

Interested in joining our service network?

Join the industry’s largest network of pre-qualified service technicians for new opportunities across corrective and preventative maintenance, and supplemental labor

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We connect providers with mission-critical supplies and services through the leading healthcare marketplace and software platform for equipment service

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We’re helping raise the quality, availability and affordability of patient care