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Transforming Mission-Critical Operations


By nearly 1,400 higher education institutions who partner with Remi for equipment maintenance management

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Successfully managed to support our higher education customers

Equipment Assets

Available on Remi’s program offer significant savings over traditional options

Easier Equipment Contracts and Maintenance

Easier Equipment Contracts and Maintenance

Remi supports educational institutions
by providing a cost-effective equipment maintenance program. We consolidate everything under one agreement, providing one point of contact for all maintenance needs.

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Empowering Easier Equipment Contracts and Maintenance


Decrease Maintenance Expenses

Save 10-25% off traditional service contract pricing with the same level of quality and coverage.

Reduce Distractions

Reduce Distractions

Manage the maintenance and repair of multiple equipment assets through our consolidated contact.

Access the Industry’s Largest Service Network

Access the industry’s largest service network

Receive the best available service through our nationwide network of 5,000+ pre-qualified technicians.

See How Remi Can Help

See How Remi Can Help

Remi provides superior, data-driven service management to more than 22,000 equipment asset types in colleges and universities. Coverage includes the costs associated with parts, labor, travel, emergency repair, and preventative maintenance.

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Customer Success Stories

Remi empowers customers to succeed by providing cost effective and innovative equipment care solutions delivered with passionate and dedicated service.

University with a Healthcare System in Southeast Consolidates Contracts and Saves Over $3.7 Million with Equipment Maintenance Program

Remi’s streamlined approach to managing equipment maintenance across all departments within both the university and healthcare system eliminated previous administrative inefficiencies so they now can budget more efficiently for future asset expenditures.

Research Institute Reduces Burden, Saves Nearly $500K

“Before Remi, the administrative burden of managing multiple renewal dates, issuing purchase orders for equipment repairs, and making coordination calls was dominating our staff” -Research Scientist

School of Nursing Saves on EMMP; Improves Purchasing Process

“Remi always steps it up to offer the best customer service. I used to be a firm believer in you get what you pay for, but I’ve had such a positive experience with Remi, that I now realize I don’t have to pay such excessive costs to receive excellent service” said, Research Program Coordinator.