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PartsSource PRO is a procurement management platform for parts, service, and maintenance agreements that’s designed to maximize equipment uptime and reduce risk and costs.

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One Platform for All Clinical Resources

PartsSource takes a consultative approach to procurement workflow solutions based on the client’s unique HTM profile and detailed spend assessment. Improve quality, supply chain reliability and procurement efficiency with PartsSource PRO. Integrate with CMMS platform for ease and transparency.


Maximize Equipment Uptime

Empowering clinical engineering teams by giving technicians the time to repair mission-critical equipment, while making it easier to order quality products quickly

Control Maintenance Costs

Making it easier to purchase the same high-quality products over time creates consistency, which drives continuous improvements, solves for budget pressures, and controls maintenance costs

Increase Staff Capacity

Give technicians time back for repairing mission-critical equipment with a streamlined, automated procurement process integrated within the CMMS platform

Enhance Data-Driven Insights

Channel for Growth

PartsSource PRO’s robust visual analytics data helps set performance benchmarks and increase visibility around results, allowing for more efficient work

Powerful Platform

Trusted by 1,500 healthcare organizations, PartsSource PRO is an evidence-based solution that ensures quality and enables better clinical and operational outcomes

First-year cost reduction

Exclusive savings opportunities and at-cost pricing for biomed and imaging parts

Improvement in quality

Increased purchasing confidence with evidence-based product selection

Average efficiency increase

A streamlined, automated procurement process

Unlock the Value of PRO and a New Way to Manage Clinical Resources

PartsSource PRO is the only clinical resource management platform designed to maximize equipment uptime and streamline the parts and services procurement process, while reducing risk and costs

On-Demand Parts

Access more than 4 million products for quality improvement, increased efficiency and cost reduction

On-Demand Service

Access more than 5 thousand pre-qualified service technicians from the industry’s largest service network

Repair and Service Agreements

Consolidate and administer repair and service agreements through a single source

Product Choices

PRECISION Procurement® technology uses over 3 billion data points to ensure quality and provide data-driven buying decisions.

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Discover How Our Data-Driven Insights Create Continuous Improvement

Join over 1,500 PartsSource PRO hospitals who are improving efficiency and capturing hard cost savings

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Customer Success Stories

Over 1,500 hospitals rely on PartsSource PRO to deliver top quartile performance for hospital clinical engineering and supply chain teams

Dustin Smith MBA, CHTM Director of Central Support, Clinical Engineering Kem C. Gardner, Supply Chain Center

“Already, we have found the price points and savings delivered by PartsSource Pro to be valuable. We believe that, in the long term, additional value will be provided by not only the modified business workflows that reduce time spent sourcing parts, but also in the expanded visibility into the parts we are using.”

Blake Collins Clinical Engineering Director

“In the first quarter using PartsSource, we achieved a 27% cost savings. We told the C-suite we would reduce our overall costs and when we did, we showed them the data. In turn, we were able to earn buy-in and approval for additional headcount and can now rely on our own people to turn the wrench.”

Dan Ritter System Director Clinical Engineering & Capital Sourcing

“There’s been some huge wins. The partnership has been great, and I appreciate PartsSource is always looking at other options, not just managing parts. We have seen time savings and it increases our productivity.”

Robert Tackett Director of Clinical Engineering

“The return in time back to my team has allowed them to do quality work and invest in the clinical departments in the hospital. The PartsSource team provides you quality parts, and always checks to see if there’s something else they can do to help.”

Ensuring Healthcare is Always On

We connect providers with mission-critical supplies and services through the leading healthcare marketplace and software platform for equipment service.

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