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The PartsSource healthcare marketplace and software platform connects providers to an evidence-based network of 5,000+ pre-qualified service technicians for quality equipment repairs and maintenance.

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One Platform for All Your Service Needs

Choose PartsSource for the largest network of pre-qualified service technicians for the repair and maintenance of mission-critical medical equipment

ISO:9001 certification drives PartsSource’s quality foundation, establishing credible, reliable and reproducible quality outcomes.

ISO:13485 certification specifies requirements for a quality management system for medical devices and related services, further enhancing our quality commitment.

Streamline Service Provider Selection

Request a quote from our nationwide network of 5,000+ pre-qualified service technicians

Our proprietary technology identifies the best options available, based on historical quality, responsiveness and cost data.


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Empower Field Services

Ensure quality with our rigorous service technician credentialing process designed to meet ISO:9001 and ISO:13485 standards

Access Data-Driven Service Delivery

PartsSource evidence-based PRECISION Procurement® technology optimizes service results and experience

Deliver Cost-Effective Service

Equipment Maintenance Solutions

Leverage PartsSource Repair and Service Agreements for upfront discounts, vendor choice, transparency into service costs and shared savings

Team Capacity

Expand Team Capacity

Expand capacity by offloading high-volume Preventative Maintenance with Supplemental Labor

Transforming Mission-Critical Operations

On-Demand Service Technicians

A national network of certified, pre-qualified technicians ready 24/7/365

Certified Modalities

Extremely strong nationwide coverage for Biomed and Imaging equipment

Service Events Managed Annually

First-of-its-kind, technology-enabled service solution

Delivering Service Differently for a Better Experience

PartsSource makes ordering and managing service simple with our stress- free approach that is one click or call away.

We provide transparency throughout the process, maintain communication with the selected service technician, and deliver a quality-controlled field service report after every service event.

On-Demand Service

Expand capacity with the industry’s largest network of pre-qualified service technicians

Depot Repair

Streamline the repair and maintenance of minor equipment with a data-driven approach that focuses in-house technicians on the work that matters most

Repair and Service Agreements

Consolidate service contracts with a single, flexible Repair and Service Agreement featuring upfront discounts, vendor choice, transparency into service costs and shared savings while maintaining OEM entitlements and quality

Equipment Maintenance Solutions

Discover How Our Data-Driven Insights Create Continuous Improvement

Join over 1,500 PartsSource PRO member hospitals who are increasing efficiency and controlling maintenance costs.

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Customer Success Stories

Glenn Schneider Director of Clinical Engineering

“Sending out high volume, low-risk equipment has tremendous value. And capturing the data about the repair and having it all in one place can provide great insight that we look forward to using to help us make decisions moving forward.”

Ken Mylar System Director, Healthcare Technology Management

“We chose PartsSource as our partner because we have a lot of trust in their quality control team. They understand that we need service technicians that are specialized and know the world that we’re living in.”