Precision Supply ChainTM - Bringing a new rigor to procurement

As your supply chain business partner, we can reduce costs and provide a single technology-driven sourcing and procurement process.

Since our founding in 2001, we have transformed the fragmented parts and service sector with deep domain expertise, world-class technology and quality-driven client services.

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Driving better outcomes

We work to improve three critical areas at your facility: Quality, Productivity and Effectiveness to help you better manage your resources and focus on the one outcome that really matters. Better patient care.

Quality and Compliance

  • Active Audit, QMS and QIP
  • ISO 9001/13485 Certified
  • Transparent pricing and product data
  • Patented Quality Engine for objective and unbiased supplier selection
  • ISO Certified Supplier Ranking Module (SRM) 
  • Benchmarking tools to assess performance and improvement


  • Common workflow platform for all users across an organization, removing the friction from ordering
  • Decision support built into our software and services: managing core exchanges, warranty reminders, flagging savings opportunities, approval limits
  • An expert extension of your core team, available 24.7


  • All major OEMs and suppliers in a single online marketplace
  • Customized access to 4 million parts, with pre-negotiated discounts 
  • Mobile and web tools for access on the go
  • Technology interface with existing CMMS and ERP platforms


How we can help you

Consistently leverage evidence-based protocols and data analytics to reduce variation in pricing, product use, and clinical outcomes.

Shop over 4 million medical replacement products and services online in the PartsSource Marketplace

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