Depot Repair

PartsSource’s Depot Repair Solution leverages a data-driven approach that streamlines the repair process and allows employees to focus on the work that matters.

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Transforming Mission-Critical Operations


Time it takes to order a repair

Warranty Rate

A no-hassle warranty for requested products

Cost Savings

Changing from traditional repair methods to the PartsSource solution

Quick, Easy-to-Use Platform Streamlines Repair and Maintenance

PartsSource’s unique Depot Repair solution offers flat-rate pricing and a no-hassle warranty for most common models, as well as a digital portal for quick online ordering, tracking, and reporting

Augment Staff

Fill in gaps in training and resources to prioritize higher value work

Work With Experienced Partners

Our repair partners include a network of established OEMs

Simplify Order Management Workload

Our stress-free service handles depot order administration

How Depot
Repair Works

PartsSource can complement an internal repair process with over 1,000 repairs across many modalities, including infusion, patient monitoring, respiratory, and more. Free up valuable time and focus resources on the most critical assets.

  • Choose Repair

    Select the repair from our e-catalog

  • Prepare Device

    Print a shipping label and ship the device

  • Repair Complete

    Unit is repaired and returned in about 2 weeks

Meet Our Healthcare Partners

Over 1,100 healthcare providers rely on PartsSource as a partner for repair and maintenance needs

Richard Wilson Director of Biomedical Engineering

“PartsSource’s flat rate repair prices are very attractive, and the turnaround time has been great. By the time we pull a machine apart, order the parts, wait for them to arrive and then make the repair, PartsSource could have turned it around for us and for a lower price.”

Rodger Abbott Biomed Manager

“The tools that PartsSource provides has opened up some doors, in particular since we have 24/7 shifts. When we do have a problem outside of normal business hours, PartsSource is available and allows our team to continue moving forward on repairs.”

Equipment Repaired Right and Returned Fast at a Flat-Rate Price

We’re helping raise the quality, availability, and affordability of patient care