What is PartsSource Pro?

Clinical engineering leaders and teams are having to look both more deeply at the effectiveness of their processes, and more broadly at how their decisions impact operations across every department. With PartsSource Pro, we take on the off-contract spend for part location, procurement, repair and quality assurance processes with one integrated service, so you can do more to increase utilization, enhance the availability of care, and improve patient outcomes.

PartsSource Pro Benefits

Pro brings all what you would expect from a partnership with PartsSource, plus we work to improve critical areas at your facility to help you better manage your resources and focus on the one outcome that really matters: Better patient care.

With PartSource Pro, you get exclusive access to:

  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Peer benchmarking comparisons
  • Quality and performance analytics
  • Detailed tracking and reporting
  • Custom workflow platform
  • Custom catalog and formulary
  • ERP/CMMS integration



Real Value

The shift in your resources to patient care and outcomes demands the confidence and peace-of-mind that the work behind procurement just happens. That is why PartsSource Pro has a dedicated quality team charged with ensuring seamless workflow processes, in-depth reporting and transparency into all areas of medical equipment procurement and vendor management.



Numbers Speak

PartsSource Pro has proven success automating the highly complex workflow associated with procurement and vendor management, and can work with you to identify new opportunities for efficiencies and improved availability, so that your healthcare is always on.


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