From HCAHPS scores to CMS accreditation, quality in healthcare counts, and at PartsSource, we use an Automated Quality Management System to drive all that we do. In healthcare, providing quality care includes using quality medical equipment, yet, 1 in 4 hospital staff report witnessing an expired or recalled product used on a patient.* As an industry, we need to continue to strive for quality medical parts and services.

Recently, the servicing of medical devices has been evaluated for quality by the FDA. The Agency ruled that while they will not impose more regulations on third-party service providers of medical devices, they will foster evidence development to assess the quality, safety and effectiveness of medical device servicing and they will push for more providers to have Quality Management Systems (QMS) in place.

While we use an automated Quality Management System to drive our pursuit of quality products from quality partners, we continue to look for ways to improve because we believe great quality enables sustainable growth for an organization and we have seen our overall quality continuously improve because of a concerted effort on quality.

Learn more about our Automated Quality Management System as part of our PartsSource Executive Webinar Series.

*Cardinal Health, 2017




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