PartsSource® Named Among the Top 25 Healthcare Software Companies of 2024

CLEVELAND, March 20, 2024 – The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Healthcare Software Companies of 2024. In recent decades, the realm of healthcare technology has undergone remarkable advancements. The convergence of cutting-edge technologies with healthcare has opened a vast array of possibilities, ranging from real-time monitoring of vital signs through wearable devices to the anticipation of disease outbreaks using AI systems. According to the latest data, the global healthcare software market is expected to reach a value of $104 billion by 2030. The digital transformation of healthcare is accelerating, and the shift toward paperless workflows combined with the complex task of managing healthcare-related processes has led to an increased need for automation in the industry.

The Top 25 Healthcare Software Companies of 2024 are filling gaps in healthcare systems with cutting-edge technologies that have improved record management, streamlined operations and optimized critical areas related to patient care. Awardee selections are based on nomination submissions as well as research on industry-leading companies inclusive of their recent and long-term performance, technological advancements, scientific leadership, and organizational strength, among other factors.

In the 11th position is PartsSource, an award-winning healthcare technology company known for modernizing the medical technology supply chain with the industry’s first and only clinical resource management platform. With over two decades of service, the company provides an integrated suite of cloud software and technology tools to help hospitals improve clinical availability, and maximize throughput and profitability, while empowering suppliers to grow their businesses.

The PartsSource evidence-based marketplace connects more than 5,000 hospitals, and 15,000 clinics, with 10,000 Original Equipment Manufacturers and suppliers and 5,000 repair professionals across the country in a single integrated network.

As a trusted partner to leading health systems and suppliers, PartsSource’s continuous transformation of mission-critical healthcare operations and work to positively impact the quality, clinical availability, and affordability of healthcare sets the company apart.

Notable PartsSource achievements include:

  • Leading a primary research study to define the challenges with service contract management of medical equipment at hospitals and health systems, and unveiling an evidence-based model to address the prevalent pain points and revolutionize service contract management for health systems.
  • The organization’s commitment and strategy to continuously reduce the cost of healthcare. In 2023, PartsSource saved providers over $70 million on medical equipment parts, repairs and maintenance. The organization’s 2024 strategy aims to reduce healthcare costs by an additional $70 million.
  • The recent market introduction of Repair and Service Agreements, a new technology-enabled alternative to traditional service contracts. This customizable solution expands total healthcare technology management (HTM) capacity by consolidating multiple service contracts into a single, evidence-based service agreement with maximum flexibility, vendor choice in a digitally powered, transparent service experience with significant upfront and ongoing savings for healthcare systems.

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PartsSource’s proprietary procurement platform eliminates friction from the healthcare supply chain by delivering evidence-based decision support for healthcare technology management (HTM). Through an integrated suite of cloud software and marketplace technology tools, PartsSource empowers HTM teams to make data-driven decisions, manage long-tail spend, increase equipment uptime, and track the quality of clinical assets.

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