PartsSource® Announces New Training Partnerships and Unveils Breakthrough Technologies to Help Health Systems Improve Clinical Asset Availability

CLEVELAND, June 13, 2024 — PartsSource®, the leading technology and enterprise software platform for managing mission-critical healthcare equipment, announces new strategic partnerships to address the industry labor shortage and expansions to PartsSource PRO®, the company’s flagship solution and the industry’s first and only clinical resource management platform. The Asset Command Center and Visual Analytics for Repair and Service Agreements will be accessible to the 1,600 member hospitals within the PartsSource PRO community. These new capabilities will be demonstrated by PartsSource subject matter experts at booth #423 at the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation® (AAMI) eXchange in Pheonix, Arizona.

Power the Development of HTM Teams with PRO Talent

PartsSource is announcing a market-changing initiative, in partnership with the College of Biomedical Equipment Technology (CBET) and Radiological Service Training Institute (RSTI), that will bring the PartsSource PRO Talent solution to the PRO Community to help them address the growing gap between the supply and demand for skilled technical resources. The comprehensive solution consists of four digital-first modules which will be integrated into the PartsSource PRO platform:

  • Evaluation – Digital competency mapping of clients’ workforce, enabling a data-driven approach to training development and hiring plans to support each client’s service strategy.
  • Onboarding – A comprehensive digital-first onboarding approach that prepares new technicians for the role in weeks, not months.
  • Training – Evidence-based, product-specific training, available digitally and in-person, to proactively support clients’ service optimization journey.
  • Recruitment – Exclusive recruitment access to CBET’s recent graduates and community through an integrated job board supported by talent-matching expertise.

“Helping our clients address today’s technical labor shortage at scale requires a technology-enabled, evidence-based approach that is integrated into their strategic roadmaps,” said Alex Gedeon, Chief Operating Officer of PartsSource. “Our PRO Talent solution connects our clients’ talent strategies with their service strategies in a single enterprise platform, allowing them to evaluate, activate and manage their talent through a new data-driven approach.”

Dr. Richard Gonzalez, President of CBET, added, “Our partnership with PartsSource is integral to advancing our mission to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare community with premier education and training in HTM and Information Technology. We are honored to work with PartsSource and RSTI to bring a new digital-first, integrated approach to talent development for the PartsSource PRO community.”

Improve Decision Quality with Visual Analytics for Repair and Service Agreements

Since unveiling the breakthrough evidence-based model to transform service contract management at AAMI eXchange 2023, PartsSource Repair and Service Agreements (RSA) have generated over $10M in projected savings for first year clients, and the company is seeing accelerated adoption across the PartsSource PRO client base. Building on the successful market introduction of the first-of-its-kind solution that consolidates multiple service contracts into a single managed service agreement, PartsSource is introducing enhanced visual analytics with rich service and labor data, including highlighting frequently repaired, high-cost assets that can indicate the need for capital replacement. “The savings and quality our initial Repair and Service Agreement delivered have motivated Marshfield to continue to add more equipment to this flexible, capitated service agreement solution.” said PartsSource PRO® client, Jay Olson, Director of Biomedical Services at Marshfield Clinic Health System.

Proactively Manage Medical Asset Uptime with the PartsSource Asset Command Center

PartsSource’s latest initiative is a system-wide Asset Command Center, a powerful set of features that gives in-house teams unprecedented insight into the uptime status of mission-critical assets, provides evidence-based recommendations to improve asset availability, and provides end-to-end workflows to bring critical equipment back online faster. The PartsSource Asset Command Center scope includes:

  • Centralized views of device health and performance: Visibility to all asset data in one place with diagnostic signals – including device generated notifications via Glassbeam’s Service Analytics solution – to monitor equipment status and launch alerts in real-time, creating instant visibility to critical and urgent hard-down assets, projected resolution timing and asset performance vs. benchmarks.
  • Efficient knowledge management: Access to a comprehensive selection of online digital equipment manuals with ease and convenience to support accurate, effective and timely in-house repairs.

“When mission-critical equipment is down, clinical care cannot be delivered and patient care is delayed, negatively affecting the bottom line. The Asset Command Center disrupts the break fix paradigm with upstream diagnostics to proactively identify issues that threaten uptime and reduce risk of future downtime,” said Philip Settimi, MSE, MD, President and CEO of PartsSource. “PartsSource, together with our codevelopment partners, is shaping the future of asset management to optimize clinical asset availability with an evidence-based, data-driven solution.”

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