PartsSource Launches New E-Commerce Platform

PartsSource Launches New E-Commerce Platform

June 7, 2019

PartsSource Launches New E-Commerce Platform
Company Enhances the Online Experience by Offering an Improved E-Commerce
Platform for its Healthcare Customers

CLEVELAND, June 7, 2019 – The new PartsSource e-commerce platform, unveiled today at the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation® (AAMI) Exchange, offers a newly designed site experience with powerful Artificial Intelligence-driven site search, a streamlined and more efficient ordering process, and evidence-based quality for healthcare technology management (HTM) teams and clinical engineering customers. Combining AI and machine learning with PartsSource’s proprietary and patented PRECISION™ supply chain procurement, the new e-commerce platform delivers evidence-based decision support, workflow automation and order management across 4 million medical products and purchased services, which support mission-critical healthcare operations to reduce cost, improve quality and speed of care.

The new PartsSource platform enriches the user experience, making common procurement tasks and the overall ordering process even more efficient and seamless, in addition to all of the features and quality-driven search results that customers expect from PartsSource. The improvements make it easier for PartsSource customers to efficiently access the millions of products, services, training and insights PartsSource has to offer and include:

• Machine learning for fast, intuitive search: Algorithmic site search designed to improve search relevance with machine learning to auto generate suggestions, matching customer intent to help quickly find relevant product and service suggestions.
• Personalization for more focused browsing: Personalized browsing experience across key departments conveniently located within the navigation bar for easy identification, including past purchases, recent browsing history, personalized shopping lists and personal preferences to drive a better user experience.
• Filtering for easy and accurate product selection: Ability to filter search results by specific product attributes such as OEM, model and product category. Quicker access to detailed product information and extended product specifications to ensure the right product is selected.
• Improved speed for faster check-out: Page speeds up to 20 times faster allowing users to quickly find all available product and service options. Increased performance evidence-based decision to provide the highest quality option at the lowest cost.
• Rich tracking for quick status updates: Advanced tracking information to see expected ETA, and visual progress of deliveries with expanded email and text notifications to stay up-to-date on availability. Improved status and order reporting to better manage activity and purchases across an organization, site or department.

"The new platform is part of the PartsSource digital transformation and represents our commitment to create an exceptional and data-driven customer experience for healthcare customers," said Philip Settimi, M.D., President and CEO of PartsSource. "We are dedicated to providing expert guidance to enable the best quality patient care and increased efficiency and productivity. Our PRECISION supply chain decision support through helps healthcare organizations access evidence-based guidelines that fit their workflow, to reduce costs and prolong the lifecycle of their clinical assets.”

The new e-commerce platform, will be available to the 80,000+ users of the PartsSource platform this summer.

About PartsSource®
The PartsSource proprietary technology platform eliminates friction from the healthcare supply chain by delivering evidence-based decision support and workflow automation. Through integrated workflows and standardized processes, PartsSource empowers healthcare technology management teams to make data-driven decisions, manage long-tail spend, increase equipment uptime and track the quality of clinical assets. To learn more about the value of proactively managing the lifecycle of your clinical assets, visit


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