Case Study

Instant Access to Quality Minor Equipment


Broken and misplaced medical devices pose risks to patient safety and often result in hours of valuable clinical engineering time spent searching for a quality replacement device with a reasonable price. A quick but quality solution is often needed to ensure that clinical engineers don’t spend hours sourcing a missing piece of equipment and patients don’t have to wait. Brookdale Hospital Medical Center, one of the largest nonprofit voluntary teaching hospitals in Brooklyn with 500 licensed beds, experienced this scenario and quickly needed to find a cost-effective replacement for broken minor equipment.

A Trusted Partner

Brookdale has partnered with PartsSource for its biomedical and imaging parts for the past 5 years, so instead of spending time researching and shopping for the minor equipment they needed quickly, Brookdale turned to PartsSource.

Amid the platform’s most in-demand infusion pumps, telemetry transmitters and patient monitors available, Brookdale quickly found the quality minor equipment they needed. They requested a PO for the equipment.

“Because I trust PartsSource, getting the PO generated from my purchasing team was faster because we already had a good existing relationship,” said Christopher Cumberbatch, Director of Clinical Engineering at Brookdale.

“I’ve had a business partnership with PartsSource for more than 5 years so when we needed to purchase minor equipment in a crisis, it was a no brainer to try PartsSource.”

Christopher Cumberbatch Director of Clinical Engineering
Brookdale Hospital Medical Center

A Quick Turnaround

Once the order was placed, the clinical engineering team at Brookdale had visibility of the purchase from start to finish, allowing them to better manage expectations of when the equipment would be back into circulation for patient care.

Saved the clinical engineering and purchasing teams time and resources
Cost Savings
Significant hard cost savings, including pricing at 50% the cost of OEM pricing

“The turnaround time to get the minor equipment quickly was expedited compared to what I had experienced using other vendors,” said Cumberbatch. “Now, PartsSource is my first go-to when I need to purchase non-repairable replacement equipment. We couldn’t ask for a better solution.”

“I trust the quality and the price based on my experience with them. We couldn’t ask for a better solution.”

Christopher Cumberbatch Director of Clinical Engineering