PartsSource Releases PartsSource Pro 2019

PartsSource Releases PartsSource Pro 2019

June 5, 2019

PartsSource Releases PartsSource Pro 2019 Adding Guaranteed Stock, Real-time Decision Support and Advanced Education Options to Improve Medical Equipment Maintenance and Uptime

Advancements expand knowledge for clinical engineers and reduce backorder time of critical parts that represent 127,262 days of delays

CLEVELAND, June 4, 2019 PartsSource, the only fully-integrated, supply chain procurement and advanced logistics platform, has expanded access to critical stock, advanced training, and decision support for technology management and clinical engineering teams through the release of PartsSource Pro 2019.

“We’re ultimately measured on equipment uptime,” said Doug Kirsop, System HTM Director at OhioHealth. “Our speed to repair for equipment relies on our ability to predict downtime, our knowledge of how to maintain or fix equipment, and the availability of products we need. PartsSource Pro helps us succeed in each of those areas to keep equipment up and running for our patients.”

PartsSource Pro 2019 delivers three new benefits: guaranteed availability of mission-critical parts; integration of technical documentation for part validation, and discounted elite training courses in equipment maintenance. As a result of this release, members of the PartsSource Pro community will be further equipped to speed-up repair, ensure clinical availability, and lower their cost of service.

Data Science-Powered Guaranteed Stock
When suppliers have back ordered parts or are slow to ship, it leads to delays in repair, along with lost revenue, waiting patients, and idle staff.

To speed time-to-repair, PartsSource leverages data science and predictability of which mission-critical replacement parts are out of stock or slow to ship. These critical products now will be guaranteed in-stock at the PartsSource warehouse, ready for prompt shipment to members of the PartsSource Pro community, saving customers significant stock out or backorder days.

Instant Access to Technical Documentation
Before a purchase, a clinical engineer often must validate a repair or replacement part against the equipment make and model to ensure the right product is selected. Part validation can be difficult because technical documentation of the equipment is often outdated or difficult to access. As a result, the wrong part may be ordered inadvertently, causing uptime delays.

To improve part identification, PartsSource Pro now offers an integration to equipment documentation inside the PartsSource online platform, providing instant access to the most up-to-date manual and preventive maintenance schedules for validated part selection.

Rebates on Elite Online Training Courses
Clinical engineers are increasingly managing more advanced equipment, which can be difficult when advanced training courses are required to learn the intricacies of the equipment but professional educational budgets are tight or non-existent.

Now, members of the PartsSource Pro community will receive a discounted rate on hundreds of elite training courses for radiology, mammography, CT, ultrasound, networking, PACS, and DICOM, that will help them lower cost of service and improve uptime. 

“While we started as a parts company, hundreds of top performing healthcare organizations in our PartsSource Pro community rely on us to help standardize procurement processes, pricing and products and hold us accountable to improve productivity, cost savings and quality,” said Philip Settimi, M.D., President and CEO of PartsSource. “The release of PartsSource Pro 2019 further empowers customers with real-time access to information, advanced training and critical products to get mission critical assets up and running for their patients.”  

About PartsSource®
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