We help you ensure healthcare is available.

How available is your healthcare?

It’s an important question. Health systems and hospitals like yours are under ever-increasing pressure to improve outcomes while reducing the cost of care. More healthcare has to be available to more patients more of the time. And that can’t happen unless all the equipment that underpins your operations is performing flawlessly.

We’re healthcare’s leading source of the knowledge, processes and components that can transform your supply chain, the way you work and most importantly, ensure healthcare is always available. Always on.


The new marketplace, complete with SmartPrice®

With PartsSource as your partner, you are part of a remarkable marketplace for medical parts and repair services. It’s really a new way of buying but even more important, it’s a new kind of buying relationship. Open. Transparent. Simplified. Comprehensive. And, maybe most importantly, liberating.

Our technology-driven marketplace brings together thousands of customers, OEMs and high quality suppliers using SmartPrice® technnology. It also provides product and vendor quality data, powerful process automation and evidence-based decision-making tools and the knowledge and advice to help you transform your supply chain and procurement processes to meet the demands of new healthcare.


Drive better outcomes

For us, quality is a service.

The shift in your resources to patient care and outcomes demands the confidence and peace-of-mind that the work behind procurement just happens. This is why we have a dedicated quality team charged with ensuring seamless workflow processes, in-depth reporting and transparency into all areas of medical equipment procurement and vendor management.


  • Dynamic Quality Management System to ensure compliance with benchmarks
  • Patented Quality Engine, ISO Certified
  • Supplier Ranking Module (SRM) for objective and unbiased supplier selection


  • All major OEMs and suppliers in a single online marketplace
  • Customized access to 4 million parts, with the negotiated discounts our scale can bring
  • Mobile and web tools for access on the go


  • Common workflow platform for all users across an organization, removing the friction from ordering
  • Decision support built into our solution and services: managing core exchanges, warranty reminders, flagging savings opportunities, approval limits
  • An expert extension of your core team, available 24/7


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