Leveraging Standardized CMMS Data to Collaborate Towards Smarter HTM Decisions

CMMS systems are essential for HTM operations, many HTM teams struggle to derive useful insights from the data. Discover how six competing CMMS suppliers recently set aside their differences to standardize how medical device information is configured, and then outlined a method for optimizing and standardizing failure codes. Become stronger contributors to the HTM community, and to your HTM department’s success, by leveraging your CMMS data and utilizing standardized information.

During this webinar, industry expert Matt Baretich:

  • Reviews fundamental CMMS fields needed for HTM program operations
  • Explores standardization or lack thereof in CMMS fields and HTM metrics
  • Examines CMMS field configuration adjustments to better enter and later utilize HTM data
  • Recaps the Failure Code field standardization project
  • Speakers

    Matt Baretich

    Baretich Engineering, Inc.

    Rob Mayer
    Senior Director,
    Service Product Management,

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