Addressing HTM Challenges through Automation, Data Optimization, and Selective Equipment Repair


Jason Meister, Director, Technical Services
Scott Siegel, Senior Director, Product Management
Ryan Rindler, Director, Repair Operations


HTM professionals are challenged with supporting essential operations and equipment maintenance including managing the procurement process manually, relationships with hundreds of suppliers, insufficient quality data, time consuming product searches, and limited performance analytics. The result is significant overspending, high variability and staff inefficiencies.

With an estimated 30-40% of total non-labor hospital spend outside of GPO contracts and consisting of low volume, infrequently purchased items across a fragmented supply chain, the cost of facility downtime and unreliable supply chains to the healthcare system is sizable. Many successful HTM departments use technology, real-time data access, and certified quality services, to tackle such issues.

Join us for a webinar on June 3 at 12PM ET to gain insights on ways to address these challenges. During this session, Jason Meister, Ryan Rindler, and Scott Siegel will share how your HTM team can:

  • Implement data-driven decision support via automation to simplify medical device products and services procurement, reduce risk and reliably manage supplier performance and value
  • Access and analyze key insights on quotes, orders, and repairs via a centralized dashboard to better plan and execute your day-to-day activities
  • Leverage depot repair for select equipment leveraging your in-house HTM staff labor for highest value activities


Jason Meister
Director, Technical Services

Scott Siegel
Senior Director, Product Management

Ryan Rindler
Director, Repair Operations

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