A New Strategy for Medical Equipment Procurement Webinar

The Protecting Your Investment: A New Strategy for Medical Equipment Procurement webinar provides key learnings following a disastrous failure of a new-implemented medical equipment platform. Presented by Mike Friesen, Director of Clinical Engineering at UVA, as part of the PartsSource Executive Webinar series, Mike committed to never to allow an event like this to happen again. The resolution was found in creating much more aggressive and extensive protections for new equipment investments than standard purchasing terms and conditions.

In an effort to share knowledge with the PartsSource community, Mike provides practical tips on how to successfully negotiate strategic terms and conditions, including equipment acceptance, uptime guarantees and protections against technological obsolescence and systemic failures with most major medical equipment manufacturers.

A New Strategy for Medical Equipment Procurement webinar


Mike Friesen serves as the Director of Clinical Engineering for the University of Virginia Health System. He works with a team of 30 Clinical Engineers and Biomedical Technicians to ensure the safety and performance of medical technology across the continuum of care. Mike joined UVA Health System in 2014 and has worked in Healthcare Technology Management Professional for 30 years.

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