Many healthcare organizations still manage the procurement of parts and services for medical equipment as if automation and analytics had never been invented. They rely on their technicians to call around for the best price, make instinctive decisions about the quality of parts and equipment, and use paper requisitions to create orders that still get faxed to suppliers. Marshfield Clinic turned to PartsSource for an automated purchasing platform to modernize their procurement process and drive better quality and efficiency.

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  • $1.2 Million in cost savings
  • 471 vendors consolidated
  • 47 minutes per order saved
    ($87,000 in labor costs)

“I don’t know how we could have supported the growth we have had without the integrated process and platform from PartsSource. Every time I turn around there’s always some new benefit as a result of using PartsSource. If people are struggling the way we were, PartsSource Pro is the answer. We couldn’t ask for a better solution.”

Jay Olson
System Biomed Director
Marshfield Clinic

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