Using Standardized CMMS Data to Make Smarter HTM Decisions


Dan Brenner, PMP
Strategic Program Director, PartsSource
Mara Pare’
VP, Client Solutions, PartsSource


Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software has become essential for Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) program operations. Sophisticated CMMS databases allow the collection of vast amounts of data and they offer the promise of providing actionable management information.

However, frontline HTM professionals sometimes regard their interaction with the CMMS as an onerous data-entry chore. Managers of HTM programs sometimes struggle to derive useful insights from the mountains of data. This despite the tremendous capabilities that CMMS suppliers have built into their products.

Become stronger contributors to your HTM department’s success by learning to make smarter HTM decisions by leveraging your CMMS and the useful data within.

During this webinar attendees will:

  • Review fundamental CMMS fields needed for HTM program operations
  • Explore standardization or lack thereof in CMMS fields and HTM metrics
  • Discuss CMMS field configuration adjustments to better enter and later utilize HTM data

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