Unusual Times Call for Bold Changes in CE/HTM – Related Professions


Steve Grimes
FACCE, FAIMBE, FHIMSS, AAMIF Managing Partner & Principal Consultant, Strategic Healthcare Technology Associates, LLC.


Healthcare technology is vastly different today than 30 years ago given the relatively recent introduction of sophisticated technologies like robotics, 3D imaging & printing, systems-of-systems, cloud-based processing/storage, AI/AR technologies and telehealth.

But, according to the “Best Article” by AAMI’s Best BI&T Awards, author Steve Grimes says CE/HTM services and service providers still need to evolve in order to effectively support these new technologies and address the real technology support challenges.

In this session, Grimes will discuss how CE/HTM and IT professionals must first learn to work collaboratively if they are to make the application of these new converged healthcare technologies successful.

He will also review factors critical to the CE/HTM professionals’ success including the need for more relevant industry education, training, and credentialing; how their KSAs (i.e., knowledge, skills and abilities) should better mirror current technology support realities; and how the current COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for CE/HTM and IT evolution.

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