The Right to Repair: Understanding the Challenges and Taking Back Control


Ilir Kullolli, MS
Director, Clinical Technology Stanford Children’s Health
Nathan Proctor
Campaign Director, Right to Repair U.S. PRIG


Clinical Engineer’s job descriptions include responsibility for initiating preventative maintenance and repairs on medical equipment to ensure it is safe and effective. However, due to certain regulations, many clinical engineers are not permitted to fix equipment on-site and are required to contact the manufacturer. Due to COVID-19 mandates, it is increasingly challenging to schedule service from manufacturers because they are limiting on-site visits, and hospitals are making it harder for vendors to be on site. In this webinar, gain an in-depth understanding of the Right to Repair movement, learn how other industries face this same challenge, understand the benefits of servicing equipment in house vs. through the manufacturer, and acquire resources to help HTM leaders regain control.

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