Real World Challenges and Solutions: Maximizing Uptime, Expanding Capacity, and Improving HTM Performance


Dave Brennan
Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, PartsSource
Ed Lanthier
Clinical Engineering Manager, Kaleida Health
Sharon Pelusio
President, Mantis Medical Compliance Group
Larry Hertzler
Owner, Hertzler Clinical Engineering


PartsSource, Chief Product Officer, and Senior Vice President, Dave Brennan sits down with directors from leading health systems to uncover firsthand insights about key HTM challenges and the creative approaches implemented to overcome barriers and unlock improved HTM performance. Joining Mr. Brennan are Larry Hertzler, CCE, AAMIF, Owner, Principal at Hertzler Clinical Engineering, LLC; Ed Lanthier, Clinical Engineering Manager, Kaleida Health; and Sharon Pelusio, President, Mantis Medical Compliance Group.

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