Product Sheet

PartsSource PRO® Visual Analytics

Actionable Insights to Improve Decisions & Reduce Cost

Drive Next-Level HTM Performance

Every year, U.S. hospitals overspend on supply chain expenses. At the same time, operating margins are declining, and healthcare organizations must uncover new opportunities for cost reduction and continuous improvement. With PartsSource’s Visual Analytics, healthcare leaders can access the evidencebased data needed to make strategic decisions, expand capacity, improve quality, mitigate risk and create process efficiencies.

“The enhanced PartsSource PRO Visual Analytics tool will be very valuable for us to dig in and better understand the details of our spend and identify additional cost savings for the organization. I’m excited to access the analytics online at any time and share the data with leadership to show our internal customers the savings.”

Tami A. Waalen Operations Manager
Clinical Engineering Services
Allina Health

PartsSource PRO Visual Analytics provides visibility and key datapoints into what you spend, where you spend it, KPIs, quality performance, and supply chain risk. Powered by PRECISION Procurement® data, Visual Analytics equips you with simple, consumable views to improve all facets of your business.

Visual Analytics

  • Program performance, KPIs, trends and benchmarks from within one dashboard
  • Overall program hard-dollar savings to-date and goals vs. actual performance
  • Financial spend by OEM, modality, facility and individual
  • Quality return rate by supplier and modality
  • On-time delivery percentage by vendor
  • Missed Savings Analysis
  • Quality Management Analysis
  • Purchasing alternatives to inform Formulary programs
  • Industry and organizational benchmarks
Potential Savings by Supplier and Modality

Supply Chain Risk Monitor

  • Wide-angle view of relative supplier performance
  • Backorder market trends
  • Supplier and modality risk profiles
  • System and location-level supply chain impact and trend analysis
  • Buying behavior analysis
  • OEM vs. high-quality alternative comparisons
Supply Chain Risk, Analysis and Opportunities

Informed Decisions & Cost Savings

  • Inform strategic resource allocation, process improvement and procurement decisions
  • Save on shipping charges by order consolidation
  • Implement secondary buying options and formulary rules to save costs and mitigate risk
  • Identify stocking strategies to get ahead of leading disruption indicators
Visibility and Actionable Recommendations