Case Study

Innovative Service Agreement Expands In-House Team’s Technical Capacity

  • Marshfield Clinic 11 Hospitals
    60 Clinics
    3.2 Million patient encounters


As an existing PartsSource PRO® client, Marshfield Clinic has been committed to its strategy of in-house Clinical Engineering service. However, the departure of the clinic’s skilled Mammography Technologist resulted in a technical expertise gap on 19 Hologic mammography systems in the 532-bed clinic.

In actively seeking solutions to maintain their fleet, Marshfield solicited bids from both OEM and multi-vendor service options. However, none of the proposals they received matched their long-term strategy, which is to drive more service in-house, limit the number of vendors they work with, drive out cost, and gain valuable insight into the true cost of service.

“As an organization, we are committed to our in-house journey, so being able to service these critical Mammography units without an OEM contract was the goal,” said Aaron Wahl, System Manager, Biomedical Electronics for Marshfield Clinic Health System. “At the same time, knowing that the technicians servicing the units were the best qualified was also a must.”

“The flexibility a PartsSource Repair and Service Agreement offered us was a game changer. By meeting us where we are, PartsSource helped remove the risk of taking equipment previously off-contract onto a new agreement.”

Aaron Wahl System Manager, Biomedical Electronics


Marshfield was already taking advantage of PartsSource PRO’s evidence-based, digitized approach to clinical resource procurement to increase capacity while driving efficiency and reducing costs across the Clinical Engineering department’s parts spend. To help bridge the expertise gap on the critical mammography systems without compromising access to OEM technicians, and to continue to benefit from an in-house service model, PartsSource recommended adding a Repair & Service Agreement to the PRO partnership.

Under this innovative model, PartsSource covered all 19 systems in one managed service agreement with upfront savings and the ability to specify Hologic service technicians for any covered service – including preventative maintenance. According to Wahl, “knowing that we can request OEM technicians without an OEM contract was a big plus while we ramp up our own capabilities on this equipment internally.” In addition to OEM technicians, Marshfield can realize additional savings without risk by leveraging the evidence-based alternative service recommendations from among PartsSource’s 5,500- plus technician service network. Marshfield can also add or remove assets at any time, including additional assets whose existing OEM service contracts will expire over the course of the three-year agreement.

 PartsSource is managing all aspects of covered service events, from requests to dispatch and coordination with the service provider, to back-office administration of field service reports and billing. This Stress-Free Event Management approach frees up Marshfield’s team from time spent on paperwork and follow-up to time spent on higher value-added services.

Unlike competitive proposals, the PartsSource Repair & Service Agreement offers transparency into service costs, so Marshfield can understand and take control of service costs the same way they have with parts – through data, visibility into their total cost of service, and service level performance.


upfront savings
Mammography systems covered

“Knowing that we can request OEM technicians without an OEM contract was a big plus while we ramp up our own capabilities on this equipment internally.”

Aaron Wahl System Manager, Biomedical Electronics