LEAN Procurement Process for HTM - How to Buy Products Faster and Increase Your Team’s Efficiency


Dan Brenner, PMP
Strategic Program Director, PartsSource
Mara Pare’
VP, Client Solutions, PartsSource


What would you do with more time in your workday? Determine how your healthcare organization compares to peers in the industry using a cost calculator to understand your team’s true costs of medical replacement product sourcing so you can improve efficiencies, standardize operations, and give your team more time in their day to focus on higher-level priorities.

Join us as Dan Brenner presents procured benchmarks from top U.S. hospitals who have conducted time motion studies on the time it takes to order and process a medical equipment replacement product or repair, and tips on conducting your own time motion study for your own hospital. In addition, Mara Paré shares both information on the evidence-based marketplace, as well as some process improvement successes.

During this session, attendees will:

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