Drive High Performance HTM Through Peer Collaboration


Jeremy Negrey
Director, Customer Education PartsSource


HTM leaders across the U.S. are working day and night to ensure their teams can keep mission-critical equipment running to serve patients, but that doesn’t mean they have to do it alone. That is why PartsSource has launched the PartsSource Community. An online collaboration tool for HTM professionals that allows you to:

  • Learn about the latest insights and developments in HTM
  • Connect with peers to seek input and share best practices on current HTM challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Access professional development resources, including training on PartsSource products & services

During this virtual tour on Wednesday, July 29th at 1:00 PM ET, Jeremy Negrey, our director of customer education, will demonstrate what 150 HTM leaders and healthcare executives from over 100 leading healthcare organizations in the U.S. have already discovered. How to drive high-performance HTM by using the PartsSource Community.

Virtual Tour Destinations:

  • HTM Toolkits
  • COVID-19 Resources
  • Tips and Tricks Utilizing PartsSource Pro Analytics

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