It's not business as usual.

Hospitals and health systems are under tremendous pressures to control costs while demonstrably improving patient outcomes, and have begun to investigate every aspect of their operations to eliminate non-value added activities and maximize the availability of care. Moreover, hospitals and health system leadership is looking at the inter-relationship of all activities within a hospital to understand how the processes and costs of one impact the next.

For its customer partners, PartsSource has built a marketplace of sophisticated ordering systems, 4M SKUs, and decision support tools enabled by an increasingly rich database of evidence and best practices to help drive efficient and accountable procurement strategies across an organization, This allows more confident and insight-driven decisions and transforms how clinical availability is achieved now and in the future.

A new marketplace.

PartsSource has created a new way of buying, and a new kind of buying partnership. It has built a marketplace with sophisticated ordering systems, 4M SKUs, powerful quality and supplier management tools and decision support capabilities driven by an increasingly rich database of evidence and best practices. PartsSource and its customer partners leverage analytics to drive procurement decisions across a healthcare organization, allowing more confident and insight-driven decisions to be possible, and transforming how clinical availability is maximized and accounted for in the future.

Do less. So you can do more.

At PartsSource, we take on the location, procurement, repair and quality assurance processes, so your members can do more to increase utilization, improve the availability of care and transform patient outcomes. We streamline and standardize supply chain workflow across provider systems, however big or small. We provide the peace of mind that the products your members need are at the highest standard, right out of the box, and right when you need them. And we work to provide a new level of reporting, integrated directly and seamlessly into existing systems.

Let's take on the Supply Chain together!

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