Welcome to the 2017 PartsSource Leadership Summit


Welcome to the 2017 PartsSource Leadership Summit

Today, Philip Settimi, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer at PartsSource, welcomed customers to our Evolve17: Insights and Innovations Leadership Summit. The brightest minds in clinical engineering, healthcare technology management and supply chain heard Phil explain our company’s commitment to customers.

These five areas remain our driving force for building a successful partnership:

  1. We aim to provide customers with a self-service, procurement model to improve the capacity of a healthcare organization’s process.
  2. Our commitment to keeping organizational uptime top of mind continues to be a priority, and that is why we stand on providing the highest quality medical products and on-demand services.
  3. With our technology, we intend to increase productivity with our workflow automation.
  4. We use data to dive better procurement opportunities and cost-savings based on thousands of data points continually collected and analyzed.

Most areas within healthcare organizations already rely on data to make decisions. However, Phil explains how PartsSource utilizes our collected data as a best practice for medical products procurement. In fact, we use $1.3 billion of spend analytics across two million orders and eight million products. Our data unites with 16 years of experience across five thousand vendors.

Phil describes how the clinical practice can use this data to their advantage by explaining how formulary management tools define purchasing policies. Essentially, procurement technology that leverages analytics allows enterprise customers to express a formulary policy.

Stay tuned for more posts about the Evolve17: Insights and Innovations Leadership Summit. We will explain to customers how impactful programs can reduce costs, no matter the size of the budget. In the meantime, download our latest white paper titled, “Streamline Your Procurement Workflow to Increase Efficiency.”

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