Increasing Uptime of Clinical Assets Through Integration


Increasing Uptime of Clinical Assets Through Integration


PartsSource Executive Webinar Series: Increasing Uptime of Clinical Assets Through Integration

How do you increase uptime of clinical assets in your hospital? Find out Thursday, April 4th @ 1PM ET in a webinar about standardizing workflows to gain efficiency and uptime.

Co-presented by PartsSource, delivering evidence-based decision support though the PRECISION™ supply chain procurement and logistics platform, and Nuvolo, the fastest growing healthcare enterprise asset management platform. Join Kyle Holetz and Jason Meister as they demonstrate how and why integration should matter to clinical engineers, HTM and supply chains focused on speed to repair and medical device uptime in hospitals.

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The Presenters
Kyle Holetz, Sr. Solution Consultant, Nuvolo
Kyle has been working in the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) community for a number of years and has been helping health systems across the country modernize their legacy CMMS solutions.

Jason Meister, Director of Technical Services, PartsSource
Jason improves process workflow and integrations for clinical engineering, HTM and the hospital supply chain to deliver efficiency, standardization and cost savings to the PartsSource Pro community

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