Expanded Benefits to improve uptime and accelerate productivity

PartsSource Pro is the only comprehensive managed service designed to maximize medical equipment uptime and streamline your parts procurement process, while reducing risks and costs.

PartsSource Pro 2021 features expanded benefits to empower you with new ways to maximize efficiencies, improve cost savings, maintain quality and increase supply chain reliability.

Expanded benefits include Advisory Services, Formulary Controls Starter Sets, Curated Lists, HTM Toolkits and Expanded Guaranteed Stock.

“PartsSource’s commitment to clinical engineering is always expanding, and now formal advisory services help advance our teams to the next level of the HTM journey. The combination of proven expertise and decades of experience enables health systems like ours, resulting in substantial operational benefits and financial savings.”

Jay Olson
Director of Biomedical Services
Marshfield Clinic Health System


HTM Advisory Services
  • Consulting services to help PartsSource Pro members optimize service strategies across the organization
  • Resources to maximize value by decreasing low-value activities and expanding capacity for high-value activities
  • Customized services tailored to members’ needs
  • Value reports to demonstrate HTM teams’ indispensable value to the organization
Expanded Guaranteed Stock Program
  • Guaranteed availability of 100+ additional critical products kept at the recently expanded PartsSource warehouse and strategic locations to further increase supply chain reliability
  • Exclusive service, which leverages data science and micro-stocking, to ensure availability of mission-critical products
  • *Look for the ‘Pro Dedicated Stock’ badge on PartsSource.com

<span style="color: #005da7;">Quality</span>


HTM Service Toolkit
  • Useful content, such as equipment lifecycle whitepapers, staffing models and videos, to help PartsSource Pro members strengthen in-house service programs
  • Best practice models to suggest paths to drive continuous improvement, efficiency and savings
  • *Easily accessible through the PartsSource Community

Formulary Controls Starter Sets
  • Kits to kickstart PartsSource Pro members’ savings journey
  • Expertly curated purchasing policies, with recommended formulary rules based on billions of data points for over 100 high-value products, to uphold quality, reduce costs, and increase deliverability
<span style="color: #005da7;">Value</span>


HTM Onboarding Toolkit
  • One-stop-shop to guide PartsSource Pro members through the implementation experience
  • Customized information and tools, such as templates for rosters, online repository for documentation and links to training, to assist members through the onboarding process
  • *Easily accessible through the PartsSource Community

Curated Expert Lists
  • Carefully curated model-based lists to advise on the highest value and most frequently purchased parts
  • Recommendations to simplify equipment maintenance and increase productivity
<span style="color: #005da7;">Productivity</span>

Scaling Your HTM Department Has Never Been Easier.

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