A New Model to Drive Team Enablement for Leveraging Medical Procurement Technology


A New Model to Drive Team Enablement for Leveraging Medical Procurement Technology

PartsSource was pleased to have Blake Collins, Clinical Engineering Director at Christiana Care, speak about clinical engineering team enablement at our 2017 Leadership Summit. Blake discussed four functions for finding the right balance with in-house and partner models for procurement technology adoption. 

He explained to the audience how team enablement is a strategic approach to increasing productivity, which is done with documented processes and coaching. These documented processes come from leveraging procurement technology to streamline the workflow.

“It is all about providing tools, systems, processes, training, coaching and development that ‘enables’ your team to be more effective and efficient,” Blake said.

A New Model

The following model’s four functions are critical to successful team enablement:

#1 – Plan

Blake explained how examining inventory, existing contracts and staff competencies is where the plan starts for adopting an advanced procurement technology platform. He also said to evaluate the appetite for change and risk from customers and C-level executives.

#2 – Train

At first, it may seem time-consuming and expensive to invest in training employees on new technology. However, Blake explained how training staff is crucial to enabling the clinical engineering team to use the procurement technology to follow processes.

“It is best to hire for ability and train for skill,” Blake noted.

#3 – Execute

Blake said to make sure there is adoption from the staff and customers. As tools and technology add functionality and become more complex, this function can overlap with the training function. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure the team using the technology is sold on using it to guide the procurement workflow.

#4 – Measure

This function goes into the importance of understanding how the technology is improving productivity, efficiency and cost savings. Blake described how clinical engineering is a solutions provider to customers. Therefore, this is where the team should be asking questions to measure the progress of adoption.

For more information about the procurement technology used to define processes, visit partssource.com/solutions/enterprise/.

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